I offer editing services at affordable prices. Editing starts at $10 per 1000 words or $80 per 10,000 words. Contact me with your word count and a link to your work (uploaded anywhere you like, .doc, .docx, or .pages format) for a 10 page sample edit and quote. This is only the base rate and some works may require more edits and a higher rate. Payment plans are always an option, just let me know your needs.

Editing includes basic grammar, wording, and proofreading edits, as well as comments and suggestions on plot and content.

I also offer sensitivity reads for $200-$300 per manuscript (depending on length). I can read for lesbians, nonbinary characters, ADHD, major clinical depression, BDSM lifestyle, chronic digestive illness, and visual impairment. I'm also really good at fact-checking.

I have about ten years' editing experience and have been writing for much longer.


It's usual and expected that you've made your manuscript as good as you can make it on your own before sending it to an editor. If your work is still full of typos, awkward sentences, and plot holes, it will cost a lot more for me to edit. A typical proofread manuscript needs about 5 edits per page, including everything from added commas to comments on how something made me feel. If yours is more in the area of 20, the quote will reflect that.

Of course, getting the quote does not obligate you to work with me.

Thanks for submitting!